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  1. If they released a patch, someone would hack around the patch and do it again. Nothing is unhackable! ;) Suppose you could packet sniff the network and see if there's anything unique to these "hacked" rooms, then filter them out with a sort of planned Man-in-the-Middle.
  2. Hmm, really? This is my first time taking a look at their event trigger back end. I found an open-source project that has a working generator, if you wanna have a look. The code is messy as hell and in C++ (never mind, it's Visual Basic. >_<) though. http://www.scilor.com/grooveshark-downloader.html
  3. Care to forward that to me Brandon? I was lurking through the source code, they're certainly aware of what we're doing. We got a little shout out in the form of session ID generation.
  4. The Adafruit store sells them for a fair price, but according to Phillip Torrone they're fresh out. He said they expect to get a few more in soon... so if you don't mind the wait. It'll be ported to LITERALLY EVERYTHING in a few days anyways. They've already got it running on a few Android phones. PSP and Computer's are next I think. ;)
  5. SHAMELESS BUMP I ported my Java-version of Groovesnipe over to my Tomcat server (a simple rewrite using JSP) to see how it'd work out. Short answer: pretty well. I've got it deployed here: http://freedom.it.cx:8080/groovesnipeTheWorld/ And all the music is streamed (or downloadable) from a basic edna python server (thanks for the shoutout Darren, great script!) here: http://freedom.it.cx:8180/groovesnipe/ I've sorted all the tracks in this format: <artist name>/<song name> for ease of use, and I'm working on a template for both the JSPs and edna as well. If anyone want's the source, PM me, it's a little messy and it's not really something I'd like to publish. Also; if anyone knows how to make an Apache rule that forwards /groovesnipe to the :8080 server, and /music to the :8180 server, let me know, it'd be extremely helpful.
  6. Neat. I was actually planning to make a Java port. Why are you including so many libraries? I'm sure more than a few are unnecessary.
  7. Very slick, painless death. Has anyone worked around the cut-off that stream.php seems to be causing? Songs seem to be dropping off with 10-15 seconds left. No idea what's causing it. :( Also: My site's down due to a conflict of interest with my Internet Service Provider, I can run my server, but it's on a bandwidth restriction. I'm upgrading the home plan pretty soon, and it should be up in a week or two.
  8. Yeah guys two days later with no reply from the OP, this looks like a shameless plug for <removed> and nothing more. If he were seriously concerned the boxes would all be at another reputable repair-shop by now anyways. Sparda says: link removed
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if Onstar worked wether you're paying for it or not. The OnStar system uses a proprietary protocol that communicates to their satellites from an antenna integrated into the veichel's over-all design. The antennas are typically quite subtle. Anyways, if you had a way to intercept and modify these signals, (possibly with a jammer that also emits whatever signal you desire), you could likely attack ALL cars within a certain radius that use the OnStar protocol. To my knowledge, this data is NOT encrypted, at all, in older models. Could be a massive security flaw that could seriously wreak some havoc! About the active subscription comment; OnStar doesn't accept signals from cars without an active subscription to their service. The packets simply drop, they don't even bother returning a signal to tell the user that the service is not active. You can tap into this through the Comm port as well, getting GPS data, car diagnostic details, and the like.
  10. Found an absolutely perfect player for this stuff. http://www.schillmania.com/projects/soundmanager2/ I'm using it on GrooveSnipe.it.cx if anyone wants to see in practice.
  11. Call me a buzz-kill, but if I'm not mistaken, doesn't HTML5 only support "open" formats, and not MP3 files? We'll probably have to use a Flash-based player.
  12. Looks perfect, I'll get on blending it into the search / popular pages as soon as I'm back on my main box.
  13. If you'll observe, attempting to stream (or download) songs from the unmodified branch redirects you to the akamai domain. http://akamai.grooveshark.com/128/23110128...e7e5c8554f7471b Where __gda__ is your session code, I assume. My patch quickly fixes this by getting the URL from the redirect code and streaming from that instead.
  14. RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^(.*)/(.*).mp3 /stream.php?songid=$1 Should work, not sure. Haven't tested, and my Regex isn't the best. Works. Google Chrome 5.0.375.70 beta, for reference. They probably broke something. You under Linux as well? Anyways, I'm off to sleep for the night. Let me know if you come up with something a tad more elegant for streaming.. I have an idea, I'll do it up when I wake up, sometime around 3pm likely. :P Edit: It seems Grooveshark has changed their servers a bit. Updated stream.php code: http://pastebin.com/TWwJRSF9
  15. Hmm, fair enough. Granted streaming isn't working at all in Chrome for me, for some strange reason. If you'll note I'm already using a rewrite rule redirecting /*.mp3 to /stream.php?songid=$1, which is satisfactory for personal use. Might whip up a quick "Preview" (Flash-player for streaming from the Search or Popular page) later on, it's like 4am here.
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