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  1. I just added this: title SARDU map (hd0,0)/sardu/sardu.iso (hd32) map --hook chainloader (hd32) to my grub4dos menu.lst and it loads nicely...
  2. Bro, I´m not gettin very far here. The IMG won´t open so I can´t think of editing anything anyway. I get around with linux, but I really dont´t know which scripts do the autostart-trick etc. I´d be happy to see you or anyone else doin´it, but so far I´ll keep messing around wit good ´ol DOS, since I´ve edited those CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT about a 100000000 Times back in the old days :=)
  3. I´ve found this: http://zoollinux.sourceforge.net/...VERY small, fits on a floppy, and supports lots of diferent filesystems. I´ll check it out tomorrow..
  4. Sooo... I found NTFS4DOS http://www.free-av.com/en/tools/11/avira_n...s_personal.html and USB4DOS http://www.georgpotthast.de/usb/. You´re propably right with Linux. Thing is, I have no clue how to set up such a minimalistic Image. In the the middle of those thousands of distros should be something really small already, don´t ya think ?
  5. Hi H@lo ! I´m glad somebody answered. I was googlin´ my a** off these days and found this: http://edge.i-hacked.com/unclesam-bootable...dump-to-usb-key but the D/L Link is dead. But it´s pretty much what we´re lookin´ for. Doing the Magic with Linux is Surely an option, although I dont know if it boots up as quick as DOS does (very few secs). I´ll dedicate some time now, and see if I can´t find some driver for mounting USB & HD`s in DOS. Let´s see how far we get !!
  6. Hi there ! I´m really happy with my Multipass-Power-Stick, but I´d like to have one more Thing on it and I´m stuck. The idea is, to boot silently into DOS, copy SAM to USB and reboot. So far I got DOS (http://s93616405.onlinehome.us/bootdisk/622c.zip) running with: title DOS 6.22 kernel /memdisk initrd /DOS622/622c.img Now, I would insert PWDUMP into the Image and start that in autoexec.bat. My Problem: How can I save the SAM to USB ? Or better: How can I make persistant changes inside an IMG ? Help is much apreciated ! THNX
  7. Wow !! Thanks so much ...you have no Idea how frustrating it is to always go to your neighbours house to test it :)....Now the cream would be to include XP somehow, so I can try out kon-boot and ophrack...but I guess thats hardly possible, right ?
  8. Hi ! Any Idea why its not running on my MAC with VMWare-Fusion ? Should it work ? I see the boot menu, but when I choose USB, some dots appear and thats it. I looking desperatly for a way to test my USB-Sticks, and so far I havent gotten very far.. One idea I had was to install the VMwareplayer INSIDE my XP which runs INSIDE VMWARE-Fusion.. Just to try out this method..can this work ? any experiences ? Thanks !
  9. Hi there ! Thanx for that awesome coverage ! I would really like to add one really usefull option to the Grub-Menu: 1. Boot silently from USB 2. Grab the SAM 3. Reboot (so you know when it´s done) I guess this is nothing difficult, can be done with a little batch file. I just wonder HOW a menu point that calls this batch would have to look like ? Or does Grub understand plain and simple copy and exe commands (in case I wanna do pwdum5). Ideas aprecitated !!
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