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  1. I'd hate to bring a month old topic up, but is there a Blackjack II emulator? I think it runs Windows Mobile 6...
  2. Is the CS:S server non-steam or steam? Please say non-steam...
  3. I was really excited to try these out but they bored me really fast... The best one that was actually fun to me was the iPhone one that is included with the iPhone SDK, even though you can only use Safari. Is Moonlit Shannon? If so; OFFTOPIC: You should turn your little pink laptop into a hackint0sh; install Leopard on it!
  4. :\ I guess the server was still up so I joined and I somehow killed myself with nobody else playing! :P
  5. Ehh, who doesn't...I got mine from a UT clan site, only 300MB. If I would have ever found it in a store I definitely would have bought it :P. EDIT: gg, I was leading 90% of the round I was just playing in...then some dude came and took over.
  6. So, it's done? EDIT: Nevermind...I'm playing. Well I was...but Daren put a password on it now, I guess he's going 1v1 with someone :).
  7. OMG! This is the best FPS ever made! I want to play! What time does it all start?
  8. Isn't this like...illegal? (Correct me if I'm wrong though...I thought this place was about the good side of the whole hacking scene.)
  9. I'm not into console gaming anymore, but I do have a PS2 and have just recently purchased a Wii (about 5 days ago) and love it. I mostly play games on my PC. Most of today's newer games run ALRIGHT, but since my CPU kind of sucks, the good video card isn't helping it out very much over my old 2600PRO. If anyone has a socket 939 Athlon X2 I'll buy it :P.
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