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  1. Has anyone tried to utilized the Firefox and IE History script? I have a PC that was infected and prior to blowing it out we extracted the IE history files and FF profiles I would like to use the script and statically point it to those files but its erroring out..
  2. Installing an SD card that sounds like fun, I got it to work after some tinkering, I just haven't had the time to upgrade to the new version I am still on version 1.
  3. Since the site is gone any idea where I can get a copy of this???
  4. I must say I like where this is going the history being displayed as an html file looks great keep up the good work. @ Jen have you tried formating your drive and installing the most recent U3 fireware appilcation for the drive? Also the whole idea of this project is not to be sneaky about hidding the cmd box, just enjoy it for what it is. ;)
  5. What do you think about grabbing the cookies and internet history this way you can try to figure out if a user got infected by going to a certain site?
  6. I can see the new layout however after running I have a few questions: Should the new layout only output four files? 1-localaccts 2-osmd5 3-sysinfo 4-localnet Also I was unable to find any of the registry queries in the sysinfo file.
  7. Anyone care to tell me how the went about setting up there usb drive? Also can I use a none U3 drive like PNY or would my sandisk work?
  8. I am sure anyone can answer this question but I tried configuring my 1 GB scandisk U3 device to run this payload but I am unable too. I plug the device in run the universal_customizer unplug plugback in and nothing. I even make sure that the gpolicy is setup to not disable autoplay on all devices. Thanks in advance,
  9. Thanks I will try to install these packages the only question is do I have to install them in any particular order or just go crazy?
  10. so did you use a default gateway on the Fon? Also have you tried this with Linux.
  11. That a good question I belive I was getting a DHCP address from the FON reason being I got a address on the IPAQ. Which NIC did you make the changes on the non ICS NIC or the FON gateway config?
  12. If you have a Laptop with two WIFI cards, or one and a cross over cable you can follow the Internet Connection Sharing guide, this will allow you to share your university connected IP with your FON and route traffic through that. Take a look at the guide and post back if you have further questions.
  13. Nice cant wait, on a side note I too recently took a CCNA class I just have to study for the exam... Good Luck......
  14. I am almost there with my setup I am connecting to my test WIFI network (which is ICS configured) then I connect the FON via crossover cable to the same Laptop Ethernet port, setup static IP on the FON with, and opendns as my DNS, then gateway is my ethernet port IP. When I SSH to the FON I can ping and nslookup any domains, when I use my HP IPAQ with a predefined wireless network saved in the settings the FON detects that and connect me, the only thing is I am having some issues getting to the net from the IPAQ. I will test this better once I have two Laptops but this is all I have for now. Lastly I had to Blacklist my Testwifi network, because when Jasager takes it over my IP changes and I am in a infinite loop without a link to the internet.
  15. I was confused about the white vs black list but thanks for clearing this up, also you could always create a DMZ on your home network and use that to plug the Jasager into that.
  16. Post some pics and let us know how it works out for you.
  17. I might have to second that, while poking around the webif.html I notice there is an option to create virtual interfaces. I am guessing once you create one of those set it up as WPA2 and then have a second one as open.
  18. I was getting the same issue you need to install winpcap on your host machine and you should be ok. Or just install wireshark and it comes with the package cause chances are you will need wireshark later anyhow.
  19. you might want to look into installing nessus, nmap, metaspoit and a few others tools on your host system then try to see how vulnerable your test subjects are :).
  20. worked for me too when I was in my tmp dir, I have one other question that others might run into when the are finish with there setup. I saw a few probes trying to associate but kept getting rejected and the message said something like not being in the whitelist, however I changed my mode to whitelist and tried adding them manual but still no luck.
  21. thanks step 11 worked, but is there is really good guide out there for the ICS that wouldn't have me going back to step 11 ^_^ . My test setup Laptop with crossover cable to Fon and wifi card connected to home LAN.
  22. Since this is the same issue I am now having instead of starting a new thread I will try to post here and see if anyone reply if not I will start a thread... I was also messing around with ICS and I tried to change the device from static to dhcp and back as suggested in one of the posting, but when I changed it to dhcp and apply changes it droped both wifi and Lan(crossover cable) connection. I tried to connect it to my LAN checked my dhcp but nothing....Is there a way to get back in, I backuped up the flash and config before I start if there is a way to reflash it can I use that bakup?
  23. Hey all, First I would like to say Nice article, and secondly after a few road blocks I just finish my setup now I have a few questions: 1. Since we renamed index.hml to webif.html how do I figure out what my Fon IP is when I plug it into my LAN (I tried doing an IP scan but I get nothing) 2. Should the main page be password protected I have my Fon connected to my PC via cross over calbe and when I go to that page it see the Jasager main screen Lastly how do I go back in and chage my SSID and security from the current setup (OPenwrt and no security) Thanks in advance
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