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  1. Hey guys, I've got a question about router/modem combinations. I live in university housing, and there has been a netgear modem/wireless router connected since I got here. The problem is the password is the same as every other unit in the building, and my neighbors have been leeching my connection for months. I need to kick out my neighbors without screwing over my roommates. The configuration password is something other than default. My concern is that hard resetting the router will erase some important config and I'll be hosed because support is virtually nonexistent from the universi
  2. The rubber ducky doesn't use scripts, it simulates keystrokes. The ducky's ability to do so gives it power because it won't be blocked by mechanisms built into Windows Vista and 7 which block autorun code execution without the user's knowledge. If duck hunt prevents your device from sending signals to the machine, you are dead. There is no script execution, nor any key presses sent to the machine. This is why scripts would be effected.
  3. Sounds exactly how botnets and such work. This kind of a thing is called a dropper. The dropper is a lightweight piece of code which is less likely to be noticed by countermeasures. This code the surreptitiously fetches your bigger payloads from the net.
  4. I remember watching a segment some time ago where Hak5 showed how to set up a honey pot to attract malware and such, including details on monitoring software. I could be wrong about it being hak5 though because I can't find the episode. The keyword "honeypot" isn't in shownotes. 4x04 goes over infecting a VM with virii but this isn't what I'm looking for. Am I crazy? I think I am crazy and read about it in 2600 while watching hak5 so they meshed together. =P
  5. yea i'm using PocketKnife. What you said only makes it work automatically when you do. I'm wondering if its possible to force a victim to do the same. Also, I tested when you select "Open folder to view files", it doesn't autorun.
  6. The payload seems to not self start on Windows Vista pc's. Anyone have a workaround?
  7. The autorun works fine, but when I try to run the pocketknife from option 2 of MENU.bat, I receive the error: Script: G:\SYSTEM\GO.VBS Line: 16 Char: 9 Error: The system cannot find the file specified. Code: 80070002 Source: (null)
  8. I successfully modded the fon using hak5's guide, everything works great when it's not plugged into the internet, but I can't do very many interesting things while it's in this state. At my university, I can't connect to the internet unless I disable the router's DHCP. But doing this means that I have no idea what IP address the router is given, and therefore can't pull up the http interface. Is there a workaround for this besides going to the net admin and reserving an IP for the device?
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