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  1. I picked up a "Size N" coax-style in-lin DC power plug from my local RadioShack. The specs on the back say; "Tip size: 5.5 mm O.D. x 2.5mm I.D." It seems to fit into the Fon the best when I took it into the store. However after connecting to my 4 AA battery pack I see it power on the Fon but it never seems to boot the OS. I see nothing show up in my console to the device. Not sure if I have the power wrong or what I think the voltage it a little higher than it's suppose to be..... :/ I've just been using the wall outlet for my testing so far but would like to know what I need to do to get the battery pack working as well.
  2. I've been playing around with the FON for a few days and have grown to like it. I'm looking to the factory image for the FON 2100 if anyone has it or can link to it that would be great!!
  3. So it turns out I have a UK version of the FON so it looks like I'll have to make a serial coble. I'm thinking I'll just add a port to the side of this little guy so I don't have to muck up a cable, plus I'll be able to get to it without having to open the case. Thanks for the help so far, and wish me luck! :)
  4. Ask and you shall receive! Thanks for the help guys, I'll let you know how it goes. :)
  5. I saw that I might be able to get MKIII running on the 2100 as well. Even if it's slow I'm just mucking aound with this little guy to see what all he'll do. On the (http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/index.php?downloads) page all the older versions are giving me a file can't be found. Any advice on that one?? :) *fingers crossed*
  6. I got a FON2100 a few weeks ago and have been looking for everything I need to unlock this little guy and turn him into a pineapple. Saddly alot of the links on the different hak5 pages are giving me a 404 :( anyone able to help me out to free this little guy and unlock his true potential?
  7. How much heat is putoff the Mark IV in the Pelican case?
  8. From what I can tell from just looking at the new Mark III It's either a Alfa AP51 or iMesh51 http://www.alfa.com.tw/in/front/bin/ptlist.phtml?Category=105479
  9. OpenPandora is a app so you don't have to keep a browser open all the time, you should check it out. More over, it seems that it uses flash 9 and I can't find away to change that, I think it caches songs in a different location. (anyone know if this is true or not?)
  10. Do you have any plans on making this tool compatible with OpenPandora, and if it is already how do you get it to work?
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