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Good evening, my name is Rick and I'm quiet bored with my internet ( even if it is free ;P ). I'm wondering if it would be possible to turn my old linksys router into a WLAN repeater. This would be a real project for me since I'm still a "noob" hacker. Thoughts, questions, concerns, and suggestions are welcome and praised! Have a good one.

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Well aren't you a bag of sunshine.

Also, I've already skimmed through this. I guess it has to do with what the router operates on and replacing it.

thats a +2 intelligence there.. no im joking around. DD-WRT and the alike are replacement firmware for routers. Most of them are open source and have TONS more features than the manufactures. If you read the instructions its pretty easy to get it done.. DONT RUSH IT.. after that im pretty sure that ddwrt can make a repeater out of you linksys router.

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