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well if bbs had its own subforum i would be posting this stuff there (though its obviously gonna be on bbs too lol)

post random things about your exp with the hak5 bbs.

lord character: lvl1(for today) theif

doorMUD character: dark elf theif

blackjack credit(as of post): 17,230

purity level: 49%

have a lot of work to get my character in lord back to its assassin status lol.

and my door mud character has a lot of pick pocketing to do to reach its previous richness


use irc? like bbs? put them together

to connect to the hak5 irc using the bbs as a client just connect to the bbs, goto chat, use the internet relay chat, for the information put this

irc.mintirc.net 1337 #hak5

it will connect you to the hak5 irc on port 1337. irc on bbs.

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