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Passive network tap


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college dorms or hotels. The lower floors cat cables usually run parallel so opening the wall jack and examining could prove to me beneficial. Just splice one cable and add connector to each end. Then plug one end into the tap and the other into you lappy and the other into the internets. sniff away. Ive been meaning to make this but havent yet had the time.

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I think i am going to make a few passive network taps. If i could get at least one other person to do the same and help me brain storm i think we could have a hak5 community project?

Yeah give it a shot, they really aren't that hard to make at all. Make sure to check out this article, which I referenced in my post linked above:


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I just finished mine.. Less then 20 dollars.. I am going to use the board of other projects.. Took me less then 10 mins to make.. Dont pay attention to the wire colors.

Is it working pretty well for you?

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