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Raid 5 Setup with driver install failures


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about a week ago i bought the RC-209-EX card from newegg for setting up a sata raid on my system, it only has pci no pci express. anyway i bought 4 750gig drives to go in it and made all the connections with the exception of a bad drive so no bare min of 3 (till the RMA is processed) when i try to install this card when its with the software that comes with it or just to driver itself the system locks up. after a restart its still buggy unless you go to last known working config at the startup. I research it on the customer reviews and xp which i do have on this system is buggy or not good with it but i also tried vista (YUCK!) on this system just to test if its the OS. Nope, vista was known to be working so i can see its a hardware issue but the card appears to work just find in its bios settings everything can be done except for the other part in windows. now i do have a raid controller built in to the mobo but i just use it for JBOD not a raid setup. i believe that maybe the problem but i could be wrong. any ideas?

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