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unable to edit videos


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okay. for a while now this has been bothering me but i forgot about it since i found other ways to do what i was originally doing. but i want to try to fix it if i can in case i feel the desire to use this part of my comp again.

i cannot edit videos on my computer. ive tried lots of open source software, freeware, shareware, demos, ect, ect. and none of it would work.

the issue only comes up when it finishes building the audio. the second the audio is built it closes the program without a warning or error message. its global over all programs i've tried. idk whats wrong

im running windows xp professional sp2. dell inspiron 8600. 512mb ram. 40gig hd. with a messed up built in keyboard and mouse. im using a cheap dell external keyboard with a logitech wireless mouse. both usb

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Sounds like your audio codecs fudge up. Deinstall whatever codecs you can find, and install something stable like LAME MP3.

well the only audio codec i have added is lame mp3. ill see if i can find some others though.

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