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Speak out against ACTA


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ACTA threatens free software

  1. It makes it more difficult to distribute free software: Without

    file sharing and P2P technologies like BitTorrent, distributing large

    amounts of free software becomes much harder, and more expensive.

    BitTorrent is a grassroots protocol that allows everyone to contribute

    to legally distributing free software.

  2. It will make it harder for users of free operating systems to play

    media: Consumers will no longer be able to buy media without DRM — and

    DRMed media cannot be played with free software.

  3. It increases the chances of getting your devices taken away:

    Portable media players that support free formats are less common than

    devices which support DRM, such as the iPod. Will this make them

    suspicious to border guards?

  4. It creates a culture of surveillance and suspicion, in which the

    freedom that is required to produce free software is seen as dangerous

    and threatening rather than creative, innovative, and exciting.

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