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USB Claymore


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That's right, it's back (and bigger then ever!)

Seem the runes were fading, the hilt rusting & the sword becoming blunter from disuse by the hour!

Fear no longer!

It's back!

My 4th version (5th version all going as planned, will be my release).

This version Shall Be Knighted: USB Claymore RC1

I need to iron out some major bugs in this version, so if at all possible I'd like help from members of this forum in beta testing and helping me fix up the bugs!

Well, without further ado, here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/?xmydxy04eje

Enjoy ;)


PS: Please do report any bugs to me, and have a go at fixing them (then tell me how you fixed it!)

PPS: Please don't start requesting new features in it till I have fixed the bugs. Unless of course if the new feature includes taking out a feature, as that may fix the bug.

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No offense man, but it doesn't look any diffrent than most other switchblades. What I did notice is that you made a work around for the firefox password grabber. I didn't test it, but it looks good. Is part of the package missing or am I totally overlooking something?

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So what does it do?

Sorry for not getting back to you (post was written in July, so I didn't have it in my 'saved tabs' any more).

It's basically a modded version of two of the other SwitchBlade packages listed on the wiki.

So I got the best of two SwitchBlade's, took out a lot of the unneeded features of one of them, and took an exe or two from the other one, modded the .cmd and updated all the programs to there latest to accomplish;

In and out in an average of 8 seconds

So that's 8 seconds to grab passwords, product keys and a few other bit and pieces.



PS: Abigawar, I'll redo it (again) as soon as I've finished my custom linux distribution project... also have some assingments due in a couple of days, so I can't work much on my linux distribution until then!!!


Sorry for any waits, everything will be ready... soon!

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