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Features lost when moving from xp to vista


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The problem is that you can't keep adding stuff and not prune things from time to time without it becoming a mess. Microsoft knows this, and Vista is a half-hearted reaction to this. If you think that list is long, wait until you see the next versions of Windows. Personally I've come to like vista/2008 now that I've spent some time working with them. For instance the deployment facilities in Vista/2008 are a vast improvement on the old ones you get with XP/2003. The folder structure for the user dirs was stolen from *nix so you know thats golden. And the performance issues are a nothing with decent hardware. My only gripe with Vista is that the released a x86 version, should have just stuck to x64.

I've just installed vista on my system (e6750, 6GB@6400, 2TB SATA2 between 5 Discs), and its faster than XP. Disc speed is important though, one of the more machines at work I use has a 5400RPM disc and only 2GB of PC2-4300. So despite its 3GHz dual core processor and 64bit install of windows 2008 running as a desktop, it unbearably slow. The lessons? Vista/2008 likes memory, so give it at least 4GB@6400 and a fast hard disk.

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