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Need help with Bluetooth


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(Long Version)

Right i've been searching for over an hour (honestly) and i still cant find Microsofts XP SP3 bluetooth drivers (even SP2). The reason im asking is i installed a third party software and low and behold it deletes Microsofts drivers, it would of been ok if the software was good but nope so i uninstalled it and it kept one driver for my bluetooth dongle (theirs) and now i can't find the software i used or get mircosofts (searched there site).

Bluetooth device is ADE-C1EDR (Advent)(I got no Cd with it :( )

(Short Version)

I'm looking for Windows XP bluetooth drivers (one's that come with windows) (if possable will someone find the files on there machine and zip them up for me :( )

thank you

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Cheers for that i've managed to find the windows drivers had to do it while a mate left his laptop with me for 5mins :D while he went and did his thing. (i left a note saying thanks) he wont let me on it :( because i some how slow it down or crash it (windows vista under 5mins to break Mac lepard 10mins linux not yet but been close)

(MOD can lock thread)

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