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Hide files on CD


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Hey, your not a noob for not knowing!

A lot of people dont pay attention to things not visible to them.


This file called "autorun.inf" [not case sensitive] is a file mostly found on CDs now. You wont find too many on really old CDs.

Autorun is use to label your CD with your favorite icon, giving a CD a name up to 32 characters, & for starting/installing things.

What I use it for is icons & the name.

If you make a new text file called "AutoRun.inf" & open it with NotePad, nothing else other than a plain text editor.

you stick this in there & save it:


label=ChevronX's Portal Speedrun


Then you make an icon & name it ChevronX.ico

You change the properties to hidden & burn it to a CD.

Stick your CD in your computer, if you go to "My Computer", you will see your icon on the CD with the specific name you gave it.

You can also copy it to a flash drive, if you want.

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