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Media Center Question (Not MCE)


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I have setup a small network like this:


Click for larger image

So I'm trying to figure out what software would be the best and still give me a web interface.

atm I'm using winamp with a remote interface plugin but... That only gives me access to mp3s and I think video.

I want to be able to do mp3s and shoutcast. All mp3s will be pulled from the server and the laptop would run winamp (or whichever media software) with shoutcast.

I looked into Media Portal, I love the software but it has not web interface, I found some plugins but what I found was for blue tooth or didn't give me enough control. I thought about vnc via my psp as an interface but the difference in resolution (1024x768 and 480x272) would force me to constantly scroll to control the media.

I have it connected to my tv for the visualizer and video.......

What do you think would be best to allow me to remotely control my mp3s and shoutcast streams via the web?

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alright cool :)



I just had a great idea!

My psp has skype on it... and there is voice recignision on media portal with a plugin...

Do you know how to use skype as mic input? That way when I talk on skype it'll control media portal.. btw

I cannot bridge the mic/speakers because I use the headphone output to connect to my stereo.

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XBMC is by far the best for this!

Features (to name a few):

+ Web interface out of the box, that you can control from your PSP ;)

+ Play every codec i know of

+ Works in Win/OSx/Linux/Xbox1

+ Stream all your HD content right to the TV

+ Use any remote you like, even a Wiimote or a 360 controller

+ Customizable (an understatement)

+ Actively being developed, new features all the time

+ Supports Plugins / Scripts / Etc

+ Looks Cool, best visualizer ever made!

+ Embodies the hacker spirit (aka not always that easy to setup)

+ Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much,Much, Much,Much, Much,Much, Much,Much, Much,Much, Much,Much, Much, Much, Much,Much, Much,Much, Much,Much, Much, More

>>> XBMC <<<

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