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Weird .jpg issue


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Noticed something really weird today. So I'm searching for a picture on my drive and I can't find it for the life of me, so I just use the built in search function in windows to search for pictures. A picture from along time ago of me and one of my ex's popped up and the weird thing is I had edited this picture. I put a black spot over her face to kinda cut her out of the picture, but in the search window it showed the picture in it's original state. Anyone know why this is?

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Was it edited in Photoshop 5 or older? Because there are ways to extract cropped images from them using an exif tool by jHead. I use it to extract pics from images that have this bug, like the one that was done for (I think it was) Morgan Web, where she took pics of herself topless, but cropped them in photoshop, the thumbnail retained the original pic info embedded in the image, and had nothing to do with windows caching the thumbnails. It was because she used a certain version of photoshop that had a bug in recreating the thumbnail, and left the original image in the thumbs.

Try this tool: http://www.sentex.net/~mwandel/jhead

Download it, then create a bat script in the same folder as the exe file with this in it:

jhead -st ".\thumbs\&i" *.jpg

Then put any images you want to test in that folder and run the bat script. (Also create the folder called thumbs inside your working folder)

Sometimes the image doesn't even contain the photoshop info in the exif data, but they may still have an iumage hidden in them, so you just ahve to trial and error to see the results.

Try the attached image to see what I mean. The thumbnail doesnt always show you anything, but when extracted, you see the entire image before it was cropped. Downlaod the full image, not the resized thing that the forums creates.

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