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Virtual Pc Question


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I am trying to use virtual pc to test various operating systems to see how they would run on a sony psp.

I am able to set the available memory (32mb) but how do I set the cpu speed?

The max on a psp is 333mhz, how can I set this on virtual pc?

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Bear in mind that Virtual PC and (since Sparda mentioned it,) VMWare are virtualiation products and are presenting an x86 platform to the OS and applications you install on them. The PSPis MIPS based and is a very very different platform to a PC (or virtualised PC).

The two platforms are highly incompatible and one would need an emulator to run code compiled for the other. Running native MIPS code on a PSP and comparing it to x86 code on a similarly clocked x86 (a virtualised x86 at that) isn't really a fair comparison...

Would a PSP game run exactly as it does on the console on a Pentium II, 32MB RAM and 2MB graphics RAM with no modifications to the game play and graphics? Does it run on the PSP? No, they work very differently.

Oh, and it was probably a typo but the PSP's CPU actually runs at 333MHz (though it was originally locked to 222MHz and I believe it's capable of just about any frequency).

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