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psp firmware version 1.x???


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ok i need to know where i can get a firmware version lower than 2.0 any body know where i can find this??? or if you have it and are willing to give me a copy pm me and ill send you my email. i dont like posting my email on the boards


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sorry what i ment to say was version 1.0-1.9 i want it so that i can out win 95 (yes link in ep i think it was 9 may be 8) on the psp and i tried google and the only thing it has it playstaion's website and i cant d/l it from there and i dont trust everyone on the net so i refuse to d/l it off the p2p networks so i though id try here but i will try google again (last time i tried it was like midnight and i was working all day so yea i was tired)

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well u get my point, and i did some more resurch (awake) and found out that i cna down grade (i have version 2.70 and they fixed so that i cant down grade (that came out with version 2.01) so im S.O.L but if any one knows how or finds a way to down grade from 2.70 plz let me know

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