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hard drive heat


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how much would it affect the harddrives if i put 2 hard drives in an older computer (it only has 2 hard drive bays, vert. mounted) the computer itself has no fans other than the one on the power supply and on the m/b;  the reason im putting the 2 in there is because i have one that is big enough for average use (word documents, the os, internet etc) but i also do alot of photoshopping and itunes use, and also alot of use with sony vegas; so i bought another harddrive (160 gbs) and i want to put that in; but since ill only be using the second harddrive i thought id put it in the back slot, but when i do use it its going to be used extensively for a few hours at a time, so will this affect the harddrive or computer at all? because its not very well ventilated;

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cut a 8cm hole in the side of the case, drill holes for screws, get a grill.

the case already has spots for a fan if thats what you're getting at; unless you mean cut the hole directly to the side of the hard drives? in that case; the door would interfere with those plans, as would the face of the computer (it has a weird decorative face on it, and it keeps the computer up off the floor; so i drilled some holes in the bottom for ventilation)

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i could do that; but it wouldn't line up with the hard drives )they are set into the front of the computer, the case only goes about half way past the first drive)

and the first drive is not the one im worried about being too hot, as its fan is exposed (as opposed to being blocked by a hard drive with little space betweent the two)

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then get hard drive coolers, pritty cheap and effective solution (they start from $5 a piece ...)

(click image to go to a supplyer page)

$5 models

width=300 height=300http://images.tigerdirect.com/skuimages/large/S457-1004-HD.jpg[/img]

$8-$10 models

width=300 height=300http://www.pacificgeek.com/productimages/xl/EC-HD-F117.jpg[/img]

width=300 height=300http://images.tigerdirect.com/skuimages/large/V13-1002.jpg[/img]

width=500 height=500http://images.tigerdirect.com/SkuImages/gallery/large/S457-1126-a.JPG[/img]

$11 - $12

width=500 height=500http://www.pacificgeek.com/productimages/xl/EC-HD-CW.jpg[/img]

there are more expensive models but if you're anything like me you'll stick to this price class as it does what you need ...

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Keeping the internal air temperature low is important. It will help all aspects.

so basically it doesnt matter if the hole lines up with the drives or not, because it will still lower case temps? that makes sense i guess; and the computer itself will be located in a basement where temp. is constantly 52 degrees f. so its not like it's in 100 degree heat running at full force (like my old computer that burned up haha)

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