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Hey everyone-

Please note before responding that I am not trying to find a way to circumnavigate my school's network blocker for the purpose of

playing games, spending time on facebook, or viewing porn. In my opinion, the above are quite pointless considering they are all a waste of time

and can be easily accomplished by using a proxy (using google of course--trust me, there are billions of working ones.)

I am friends with several of my teachers at school. At least once a week, I overhear one complaining about the Light Speed website blocker which is instituted on the network internet connection. Although I believe this program should block sites such as facebook and miniclip, the program has a terrible tendency to block pretty much any site that the network admin has not used. For example, my French teacher, being head of the foreign exchange program tried to login to her site for the Nantes (French place) exchange. Despite the fact that the site is 100% legit, it was blocked.

After nagging the admin several times, he unblocked it.

I would like to host a copy of bblocked (a good proxy script) available here:



so that the teachers I know can access their sites without having to go through the hassle of having them be unblocked.

I don't really want to give them a normal proxy site because I don't trust them for handling login details.

I literally have spent hours attempting to setup bblocked on several free-hosting  services with no avail.

Any suggestions/comments would be much appreciated.  :)

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Your heart is in the right place, but you are just going about it the wrong way.  I cannot personally help you with that, but make sure you think twice about this.  If you get the teachers that are having issues to complain, the school will probably do something about it.  Or suggest different software for content filtering to the sys admin.  Teachers should have a slightly elevated right policy, so that they can get to more sites than students can.  Try suggesting that, or get the teachers having issues to suggest something similar.

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