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Reverse SSH with Ubuntu and Windows


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After googling I found out that this question is documented, but even after using the same code I can't get it to work (maybe because I used ssh yesterday for the first time).

I want to connect to a virtual Windows XP machine with my ubuntu machine.

I installed the openssh-server on ubuntu, forwarded the port 22 on my router and created a dyndns hostname.

On the Windows XP machine, I'm using PuTTy.

So, Ubuntu is the server, and Windows the client.

I want Windows (PuTTy) to connect to Ubuntu (ssh-server) and create a tunnel so I can use this connection to execute some shell commands. So here's what I tried:

Executed code - Windows (plink is the command line tool of putty)

plink.exe -R -N 2048:localhost:22 username.of.ubuntu@hostname.of.ubuntu

I get an connection, enter my username and password of my ubuntu machine.

Executed code - Ubuntu

ssh -p 2048 username.of.windows@localhost

I get an "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

" error ? I added "sshd : ALL" to /etc/hosts.allow, but it doesn't seem to help.

Hmm, does anyone has a solution, and, is it actually possible to have a windows shell under linux/ubuntu?

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In which case you don't need to (and shouldn't) setup port farwarding on the router. This is for creating a connection form the Internet to a local computer.

Insted of using

plink.exe -R -N 2048:localhost:22 username.of.ubuntu@hostname.of.ubuntu


plink.exe -R -N 2048:localhost:22 username.of.ubuntu@[color=red]IP Address[/color].of.ubuntu


What software are you using to host the VM (VMware, Xen, Virtual Box)?

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I'm scripting a kind of one-click-vnc-with-nice-little-buttons-and-graphics for relatives, friends and other not very computer interested persons. I want ssh to tunnel the vnc traffic and create a remote shell (like netcat, only via ssh), so I simulate the existence of the internet in my scenario (vm).

I tried it but I get the same error.

I use virtualbox.


Uhm, obvious: if nothing is listening, nothing can be established. Problem solved by installing openssh on the client machine.

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