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Wholesale, Retail, and then the Markup.


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From consumerist.com. This is pretty much common knowledge, but now its a bit more concrete.

A Rat Shack employee recently sent in their inventory list, which included all the prices for each product, what they paid wholesale, the MSRP)Retail Price) and then the Markup that the store puts on them for an even bigger profit. If your doing any shopping on electronics and Monster Cables, Buyer Beware!


Scroll down on the link above for the larger list and an idea of the price markups. This is not limited to Radio Shack and people should understand that all retailers do this. Snippet:


Item [/td][td] Retail Price [/td][td] Wholesale PriceĀ  [/td][td] Profit Margin[/td][/tr]



MONSTER 8M L 26.24'




















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the phrase


comes to mind everyone (should) knows that the MSRP markup is about 100% and once you own/run your own business you'll understand why

want to know how much monster cables really cost to make?

about 20 USD each making that 'markup' about 9x

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