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Just wondering if anyone knew a way to have a truecrypt volume within a VPN.  This is what i was thinking:

You can only access the the Truecrypt Volume if you are logged into the VPN, that way if someone is physically infront of the computer the volume/partition appears encrypted but if a user logs into the VPN, the volume appears decrypted (mapped network drive).  The problem is that the computer with the truecrypt volume also has to be in the VPN, i want it so ONLY remote users can access the truecrypt volume without entering a password.

Is this possible?  If so how can it be done, i am open to using any sort of software (doesnt need to be true crypt) Win/Linux preferably.  As long as it has a VPN and an encrypted partition.

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Not easily/something I can think up a way of doing off hand. An easier way would be a network share thats bound to an IP on the VPN. 

you chould also make the share'd drive the truecrypt drive so if something happens and power goes out it will need to be re-unlocked by an admin

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