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ASP.NET CMS software


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I'm looking for a good free (hopefully, open source) ASP.NET CMS software.  Does anyone have any suggestions on any? I'm looking for likes/dislikes, pro/cons, etc. of the different ones.  Would like it to be VB.NET based but I'll take C#.

More detail:

I'm starting to build an Intranet for my department and instead of starting from scratch, I was wondering if there was a CMS, or other platform, that will do what I need already built/started.  Mainly what I want the CMS for is user/group security, simple static page creation, etc., which could be in some other "platform" so it doesn't have to be a CMS app.  The other requirements is it has to be modifiable so I can create the custom apps and modules I need for my department.  Sharepoint has a lot of features that I need, but it costs too much, and honestly is over kill for our purposes. 

I've just started researching this and I have found a few open source ASP.NET CMS systems, but I haven't found a good site that has reviewed them or offers a pro/con comparisons. 

A few I've found are DotNetNuke, AxCMS.net, and umbraco.  Over the next week I will be checking into these further, but I'm asking if anyone has been in this situation before if they would offer up their experiences.

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Why specifically ASP?

How did I know this question would come up? 

Basically for two major reasons: 1) our main IT dept is a Windows shop and 2) the software we use is built on the .NET framework so to do some of the integrations I plan to do will require me to use their API.  The vendor only supports VB/VBA and VB.NET. 

I've seen plenty (and use some personally) PHP based CMS and other web apps, but to get a server with PHP setup is going to be too hard to push through my IT department.  But even if I had an Apache server with a PHP based CMS I would be stuck with the vendor's API.  I'm not saying I couldn't figure out a way to use PHP and their API, but if something came up they wouldn't support me (answer any questions I have) with PHP code.

Simply put, I'm trying to save me some time and headache of developing a "platform" for these applications I need to build.

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