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A quick question on rainbowtables


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Very new to this, so please bear with me.

After running Switchblade on my computer, I've come up with a hash for each of the logins (running XP).  I've got RainbowCrack 1. 2 downloaded, and I'm in the process of generating some rainbow chains.

Would someone with a complete table be able to check a sample hash for me? I'd hate to wait a few days for the tables to generate only to find I screwed up horrible somewhere along the line.

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I actually don't have ophcrack, and when I downloaded it it mentioned I'd need to download a fairly large table; given my crappy connection here, it would probably end up taking way too long.

A question about rainbowcrack: assuming I sort the first table I create (rtgen lm alpha-numeric 1 7 0 2400 40000000 all), would I still be able to go back if it didn't work and create the other 4 the tutorial suggests, or would the act of sorting it preclude this? I realize it's probably a stupid question, but the tutorial's a bit confusing.

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Your connection has got to be almost dead... it should be far faster to download the tables rather than generate them yourself.

Ophcrack has its own tables included in the live cdl IIRC, but they're fairly small.

My recommendation would be to find a free online cracker (plain-text.info works well) and use that while you download the tables.  Don't know how strong the Hak 5 rainbow table torrent is, but that might be a good place to look.  Otherwise you can download from shmoo group among other places.

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