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Vista + Nvidia = nvlddmkm crash :S


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Right. This Question has been asked a lot of times around the internet, and there are literally thousands of people raging about it. It's been happening to nearly every owner of Windows Vista and a Nvidia SLI Gpu. Apparently it doesnt matter if the graphics card is running in SLI mode or not, it just happens anyway. It started as soon as Vista came out, and the nVidia Vista Drivers. nVidia 6800gt's were crashing for no apparent reason. Now about a year later, its still happening to everyone, and its happening to me. Since it started nVidia has released a tonne of driver updates, none of which fixes the problem. Ive read that even the people over at ATi forums are witnessing the same types of crashes. People are emplying to switch back to XP, but for some strange reason, it no longer works. It's as if what ever casues the issue damages the graphics cards or somthing.:S Personally i don't know. I have been searching the internet since i got this damn problem (Day one of getting the new computer) and still i havn't found a fix. Im posting this to see if anyone here is getting the problem or has found a fix.

The problem is as follows: The computer freezes and the screen goes black for 5 - 15 secounds before going back to normal. A bubble in the corner pops up saying 'nvlddmkm driver has crashed and restarted'. During games it blanks the screen and returns to the game like normal (thats some games, Crysis seems to just crash when it happens). It even happens while just browsing the Internet. People say its D3D, put Vista into Basic mode, but it doesnt fix it. Many people are suggesting memory problems, but ive tryed and no luck yet.

My opinion on the new nVidia drivers is that it is complete crap.

I have just upgraded from an Intel pentium 4 3ghz, 1gig memory, ATi Radeon 9800pro to an Intel Pentium D 3.2ghz, 2 gig memory, 2x nVidia 8600gt's in SLI and Windows Vista :S. When i install Windows XP on the new computer, and then the newest nVidia Drivers, the screen just blanks out. In Vista, The screen blanks out if i use the very latest (December 2007 196) drivers. Another strange thing is that when i installed my nVidia drivers, my computer would no longer recognise my monitor, and wouldnt go to it's resoulution (1680x1050). This is all very very annoying. I don't know what ATi users are experiencing, i just read that they also get the driver crashes.

Is anyone experiencing this? Or does someone have a fix?

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strange, im running 2x 8800GTS, never have had it crash on me. Also i dont think suggesting Linux in this case is approprite, running SLI pretty much always means that they want to game (and are rather serios about it. (or they just have a shit load of disposable income (or there parents do))).

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WOW i fixed it:P

the fix is..

If you are running Dual Channel Memory (i had dual channel Corsair 800mhz DDR2 2gig), take it out of dual channel. For me Vista is running a dream now, and playing all my games as smooth as ever.

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