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Hp compaq nx9010 sound driver problem.


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Hey everyone,

I have a problem with a compaq nx9010 notebook, It had a whole lot of virus's on it that made me format and reinstall windows.

Now when windows was done installing, all the drivers were installed but the sound wasn't working, I couldn't delete the sound drivers from the device manager until I booted into safe mode from where I could eventually delete them.

Now, I tried installing the drivers from this site:


But the drivers keep saying "install failed" and windows doesn't pick up the drivers anymore, as if the sound device isn't there.

Any help would really rock :p

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Does it detect the hardware itself? You might not be giving it the correct driver from HP.

Try to delete it from the device manager, then do an Action/Scan for new hardware. If the "Scan for new hardware" does not show up, click one of the items listed below and then click Action again to see if it becomes available. It should find the hardware and ask to check windows update for the new drivers. If it can't find it there, get it from HP.

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You will have to do a manual install then. In control panel, go to "Add Hardware" and select sound card as the device, and then have disk and give it the drivers you downloaded.

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Try booting into a Ubuntu liveCD, opening the terminal and running "lspci | less" (if you want to save the file for later use, use "lspci >> /home/ubuntu/Desktop/my_hardware.txt" and dump it on a flash drive), this should tell you what hardware your laptop uses for sound, then go find the drivers for that chip. If it doesn't show up with that command and you get no sound under linux then either ubuntu doesn't support it or your hardware is buggered.

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