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Hey a few questions


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Hello im new here so please dont flame me.

I have been using the non u3 edion of the SwitchBlade and i have enjoyed it for some time now, the only thing is that you need to open the drive from my computer or use the auto run.

I wanted a drive that could auto do this so i read around and ended up buying a 1gb U3 drive. .  I tried to use some of the payloads but ended up failing

I then reinstalled original software and have installed a few apps. .

I want to try again, i only want a payload that is similar to the orginal no u3 autorun hxxp: www. usbhacks. com/2006/10/07/usb-switchblade/ located there.

ie. .  i want one that doesnt install vnc a ghost account or any backdoor things. .

Can i install this alongside my u3 software and apps?

If i need to remove this to install the switchblade can i put it back on in the same condition afterwards?

How do i go about putting on the switchblade?

Will it auto run. .  ie. .  no need to open anything and nothing appears to have happened?

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teacup`  all of the info is here in this forum!  wait I forget you apparently don't know how to read or be patient enough to wait for a valid response, so you'd much rather end up getting flammed for expecting answers NOW!  quick hand him the silver platter with his life on it!!!! 

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NO I WILL NOT HELP!!!! Please do not PM me teacup` ... I can be helpful in other ways, but I REFUSE to have anything to do with USB bullshit.

edit: I must apologize... I'm not usually this mean... I just don't typically want anything t do with USB hacks.  I apologize if you think I replied to your post because I wanted to help... I will tell you read the who section of this forum... there are many solutions posted here.

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Then get the heck out of the usb switchblade forums, which is typically about "usb hacks".

A simple go read some in a pm back would have been enough.

Or even a "sorry, not interested"

Teacup, please do read the wiki and the forum.  Longer threads usually means a better, more developed payload.

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