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problem with Tightvnc


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hey guys i hope somebody can help me to understand this.

i have been using psexec for a long time, i have copy winvnc.exe vnchooks.dll and also the reg files i need to set up tightvnc in the remote computer; hovever, when i start vnc in the remote computer throgh psexec i cannot connect to the remote computer, i checked the listening ports and it shows me the port i am using for vnc in the remote computer, i also see the process in the tasklist but when i try to connect to the remote computer is says "connection close" everything seems to be alright , theoinly problem i have is that vnc is closing the connection in the remote computer. the other computer doesn't have a firewall  so it can't be that. the only thing i can think of is that i cannot use vnc unless i have the password for the accoun being used in that computer; however, i am using the system account in that computer, so i shouldn't have any problems.  is there anything i am doing wrong?? by the way, the computer is in a domain, i dont have the password for every user that uses that computer because that computer is in a domain; however, i have the password for the administrator account. i have used the admin account and the system account in that computer but i cannot get the connection to work. likewise, i knows the vnc sever in that computer detects my connection because when i type a wrong password it tells me that the authentication failed, and when i type the right password it says " connections close"

by the way i am using the reg files i got from the usb hacked, i changed many things such as password, port, and some other settings, but even my settings or the original reg file serttings won't work.

i hope some of you guys can help me to figure this out. thanks

by the way, i have the same problem with all other computer in the domain, and i do know i can open any port i want in those computer because backdoors such as netcat works great in those computers

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Running behind a router? Might need to open the port on the router/ port forward them.

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