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  1. If the FBI was able to do something like that, I don;t want to imagine what CIA and NSA have done. They will do everything they can to spy on Linux users as well. I am pretty sure they are do it one way or the other. The have money, power, and knowledge, so what makes you think they can't do it. If I were them I would focus more on Linux users than WIndows Users because most computers savvies that can participate in cybercrime love Linux. Do you really think those agencies will avoid Linux just because it is open source. They will cheat, pay or do anything they can to have control on it as well. This is not a conspiracy theory it is just reality. Lets be honest, just because it is open does not mean you can just go and read the code much less understand it. Even people who have the skills to do it would not check millions and millions of lines of code. It would take a huge amount of time and effort to do something like that. A lot of people say that the bigger the code the more bugs are likely to appear in a piece of software, but it is also easier for somebody to put something in there that can be used as a backdoor. Very old bugs have been found even in the Linux kernel that can give total access to the system, that proves it is not as easy as it seems to detect bugs that can be used as backdoors. Who knows maybe they were put there, but somebody screw them up. Lets just accept it and stop saying open source is the way to go because all it does is to give a false sense of security to people that can't prove it. I agree it is better, but lets just admit it is not bullet proof. Facts not words are what counts.
  2. When was the last time you checked "line by line" in the linux kernel or any open source software added in the Linux distribution you use?. I trust open source not because I have the knowledge and skills to debug and check every single line of code of the software I use, but because people with that knowledge says they do. However, it is kind of difficult to do that now because they forget about it when they are given money. At the end they are just humans who make mistakes and are weak to certain things in life. I know BSD != Linux, but they are both open source that the point. Took almost 10 years to "find" the backdoor (which by the way, it does not guarantee it will be easy to find it after 10 yeras and all the modification that has been done to OpenBSD).
  3. I don't think Linus or anybody in charge of the decisions for Linux has or has had the nuts to say no to the FBI or CIA. I wouldn't blame the though because I gues they would not any other choice. However, that stings because they give us a false sense of security and freedom.
  4. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation implemented a number of backdoors in the open cryptographic framework used in OpenBSD, according to a former developer of the operating system. Gregory Perry wrote to OpenBSD project chief Theo de Raadt a few days back, explaining that he was revealing this information now because he could - his non-disclosure agreement with the FBI had expired. http://www.itwire.com/opinion-and-analysis/open-sauce/43933-developer-claims-fbi-implemented-backdoors-in-openbsd This is just another prove that even open source can have backdoors. Took almost 9 years to find out about this hahaha. Guess we can't complain about Windows too much now. Pretty ssure there has to be something going on in those millions of lines of code in Linux. This is sad cause we can't feel secure. I dont have the knowledge to analyze millions and millions of lines of code in an open source project such has BSD or Linux. Guess my dependency on other people to keep open source projects to make sure it is backdoor free is just the same dependency I have in Close Source Projects.
  5. I forgot to mentiones. I am not allowed to use any sorting method, such as sort, bubble sort, binary sort, etc. I pretty much have to compare each element in the array and put it in their correct place. I have spend 2 hours trying to figure it out and still can't get it to work.
  6. How would you sort in ascending order an arraylist in java. In other words. You have an arraylist (list1) nwith random values, how would you put those values in ascending order in a second arraylist(list2)? I have all the code, but I can get that part working, it is a logic error. Help please
  7. Do you any of you guys know how to create a virtual machine whose hard drive (the virtual one) can be in a secondary hard drive (in the real pc) in vmware server 2.3? Every time I create a new machine, vmware don't seem to see secondary or external hard drives, it just created the hard drives for the virtual machines in the primary hard drive, which is bad for performance. Thank you
  8. I have Hiren's cd 10.0, konboot, ubuntu in my usb. However, I have not been able to find the grub4dos code for knoppix 6.1. Does anybody know the code to add it to my usb bootloader? thank you
  9. Save your pics for yourself dude, I think you didn't get my point. IN order to get your system compromise (in this case your windows box) somebody would have to install some piece of software in it such as a rootkit, BUUUUUUUTTTT (HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND THIS) MICROSOFT DOES NOT HAVE TO DO THAT CAUSE THEY HAVE FULL CONTROL OF THAT LITTLE CD WITH WHICH YOU INSTALLED WINDOWS IN BOX, SO THEY CAN INSTALL AND HAVE AS MANY ROOTKITS AS THEY WANT CAUSE THEY MIGHT BE ALREADY BE IN YOUR SYSTEM AS SOON AS IT IS DONE INSTALLING. come on dude, the chinese hackers do it with crack windows images, so of course microsoft can do it too. I do know you can see packtes going out of your box if you have another box sniffing packets going out, my question is (DO YOU FREAKING DO IT) (DO ALL THE MILLIONS OF WINDOWS USERS DO IT????) hell no and microsoft knows. Likewise, even if you sniff traffic from another machine, how would you know if those "updates" that you are getting from microsoft are really updates and not something else. Jesus dude, this is not so difficult to understand, they have infinite get your system. You must really love Gate's balls to defend him even when you know I have a point. About the nasa hacker """""OF COURSE IT WAS AN IDIOT THAT DIDN'T KNOW HIS SYSTEM, AND THATS MY POINT GENIOUS, THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE JUST LIKE THAT IDIOT THAT WORK FOR POWERFUL AGENCIES LIKE NASA AND BECAUSE OF THEM, THEY GET HACKED. I THOUGHT YOU SAID PEOPLE IN THOSE AGENCIES KNOW THEIR SYSTEMS WELL!!!!!! AND BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO TRUST IN COMPANIES SUCH AS MICROSOFT AND THEIR "WONDERFUL" PRODUCTS GET HACKED TOO.
  10. "if you know anything about your system and network" thats the problem. Dude, the guy whose nickname is the"nasa hacker" got access to nasa's system for more than A YEAR, did they really know their system? hell no. I do knot you have to compromise a system in order to hide packets, that is my point. How can you make sure, windows don;t have rootkits for your window system, out of the box?? It is like the Chinese routers report a while back. There was an article saying that the U.S. was blaming China for installing backdoors in routers that they exported to the U.S. M$ don;t have to compromise your system after you get it, cause they can do it even after start selling their software, thats the problem with close source stuff. About the riots, nahh. As my Gov teacher said, we are too lazy to do stuff like that, and the gov knows it. It was windows 95 when the nsa starting having backdoors and decode keys for windows. I know spying is something normal among people. We all have used keyloggers, trojans and stuff, but what pisses me off is that they do it with our taxes and violate our rights. I would not be surprised if they decide to set up a firewall like the one in China. Haahaha about the toaster, yeah dude i knew that. That is what some electro domestic companies use to spy on us lol. they use fire alarm devices to see you naked in the bathroom. lol
  11. I used to use it when I was using windows. It was a pretty good app. however, I would recommend you use returnil if you really want to sandbox not only some programs, but your whole OS.
  12. Yeah I guess you right about accepting what is going on, but accepting it and not being able to do anything is what pisses me off. You right no people do anything cause we all got lazy to make the government listen to us. My Gov teacher shared that point with us too; however, where is all this going? Like the other guy said, I do believe people isnot gonna be using desktops in the future anymore, the iphone is a good example for us to see that you don't a desktop computer or even a laptop to enjoy life on the net; however the gov knows that too and I am sure they will not let the iphone or other devicesgive us the privacy that we want. I don;t even have a facebook profile cause I do know what you mean. About the guy that said something about rogue packets. Come on man, even federal agencies have a real hard time to find out who is hacking their systems, what makes you think you could see whether microsoft is hacking your system or not. microsoft might be crafting packets everytime you access the internet and you might not even know it. We are talking about professionals that have a higher computer and programming education and skills that we all together. Than you know stuff about security does not means you know it all, they have better chances to fool us cause they know more about this stuff whether i like it or not, and they have windows source to make any changes they want. Oh by the way, you might be right about microsoft being afraid of open source and because of that they are helping them. however, don;t you think thats making everything even worse for them. I bet my grandma would switch to linux, if he heard on tv that linux is free and better than windows. In a way, microsoft is increasing linux popularity and making people aware it exist. None in my family knew that linux was, much less it was free and better than windows. I am sure there are thousands or even millions that don't even know linux exist (usually people that do not know much about computers), which I think microsoft likes to keep it that way. This discussion is not about what operating system is better, but about all those "weird" changes and stuff that are going on out there. I like reading your replies cause at least I can see what other people think about all this, on the streets people seem to void the subject. Thanks guys
  13. , haha i know right, sorry I could not help it. You don't have to have an open port in order to have a backdoor in your system. I know the word backdoor might sound like I talked about open ports in your system but not really. Any vulnerability in windows can give them a backdoor to your system. Even a simple macro in a doc document. It is easy for hackers to hack windows, but it is even easier for microsoft to hack you cause they have full control in windows; likewise, do you think you could be able to detect a rootkit created by them? you can barely detect the most popular ones with some good tools such as icesword. About open ports, you can hide open ports with a simple rootkit. NOw imagine how powerful would be a rootkit created by them. are they gonna tell you about it, nope. if it is difficult to find backdoors in open source software, it is even more difficult to find it in windows cause you don;t have the source; unless, you get it from the chinese goverment lol. Anyway, my point with this is that it is just getting worse. first microsoft, then skype, cisco, google and some others that we might not even know about, are working for them. As one guy in the radio said the other day, I guess we all are gonna live in houses made of glass some day. By, the way, don;t take me wrong about all this. This is not about microsoft itself, but about the fact that we might not have privacy in the future, which is good in a way, but it is bad as well cause I wonder if I can spy on the president and see what porn sites he visits hahah
  14. Hey guys, it has been a while since the last time I posted in this forums, but anyway. I wanna ask you something that makes me wonder about microsoft and his move to start helping the open source community. I read an article about microsoft supporting open source projects (some of them of course) at least for now. However, I wonder, What are they really trying to do here???. The only reason I switched from windows to kubuntu and fedora is because I know microsoft helps federal agencies such as fbi and nsa to spy on people. All those security problems that microsoft has, are just excuses for them to have open doors in peoples' computers. Don't get me wrong here, I do not do anything illegal, at least that I know. Do you think, microsoft's move is to have certain control on open source software, so they can keep helping federal agencies to spy on people, or at least on linux users too??? If the NSA really has backdoors in windows, I am sure they might have some in MACs. Linux seems to be the only choice for people that want to have privacy nowadays. However, I don't think they will let linux users have that privilege. I read an article that said NSA could have included backdoors in selinux, in order to be able to spy on linux users (at least on the ones that use selinux). I know you will say that selinux is open source, but then let me ask you this. Who are the ones checking all those thousands or millions lines of code?? it is you? or is it somebody called bob, that gets paid for telling you that everything is OK in the code. Just because you know c++, python, etc or even assembly does not mean you can really understand all that code. The people that do, well, then can get paid for not looking at certain places in the code. They want you to find the exploits in the everything, so you can;t knock them down in the future. Security researches are just helping them to have the perfect operating systems, so they and only they can have access to your computer, but you can;t have access to theirs. Look I am just wonder about our future. They have control in our computers, they have gps systems in our cars, they have cameras everywhere, they have all your information including the financial one, they even want to implant small chips in people, so they can be safe from kidnapping and other stuff, they get help fromthe biggest search engine in the world to see what you are looking for on the net and have kind of a psychological picture of you, they get help from social networking sites such as facebook and myspace to know more about you and what you do on the net, why do you think they want you to use your email address as a user name ion those sites? so they can have a picture of you and know whose email addresses belong to who. Everything they do, they do it in the name of safety and for your one good, but don;t you think that is the perfect excuse to shut your mouth up against what they do. I don't bother letting them see my dog pictures that I have in my computer, or see me driving or where I go to. As long as they give me the power to spy on them too. Just imagine what a crazy guy could do with all that power. SOrry guys for bringing this up. I feel better now that I said all that, amd I am sure you might feel the same way. links: http://news.techworld.com/operating-system...or-open-source/ http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardt...oor_windows.htm http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/tom-keating/sk...pe-backdoor.asp http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2007...ps_micro_1.html http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/opensour...mobile.php?p=37
  15. Hi guys. This is going to be a really dumb question for you, but I really need to ask you, for I don;t want to spend 100 dollars in something that I don't need. I just got a new motherboard (Asus M2N68-AM SE2) I have everything in place; however, I am confused about the chipset. The chipset is NVIDIA GeForce 7025/n Force 630a; When I go to the video card options, it says that my video card is a NVIDIA GeForce 7025/n Force 630a (it is included in the motherboard itself). My question is Is my video card a NVIDIA GeForce 7025/n Force 630a really? or vista is just telling me that my chipset is that. There is a video game I want to play and the video requirements is NVIDIA 7000 Series above. I know this is a stupid quesstion, but I am totally new at video cards and motherboard. I am focus on the software part, that is why I don;t understand much about all those video card names, advantages, etc. Thank you
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