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Vista problems


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Okay, after watching one of the Hak. 5 segments I saw Harrison use Cain and Abel to preform a Man-in-the-Middle attack.  I was very interested on these types attacks. The only problem is, my OS.  I try to enumerate my network because I put up one of my boxes up to try preform APR posing on my other box.  The only problem is, on Windows Vista, everytime I run Nmap it fails with a "Not Responding" error.  I thought this was because Windows Xp SP2 disabled Raw Sockets, so I would only assume they did the same for Windows Vista, but Nmap bypassed that problem by using the libcurses library I believe. . .  Anyways, my problem is, I dont know how to detect my remote box I have running.  Everytime I preform the attack, and then use Wireshark (Ethereal) I only capture the packets on the current box I am using and not on the remote box.  I even tried programming a port scanner of my own in C++ then one in Visual BASIC but all it did was show open ports on my network and I could never program something to replace Nmap's functions.  Could anyone explain to me what is the means of this? And help me out.

Also, another thing.  The remote box is a dual boot SuSe Linux and Windows XP.  The only problem is, I needed a Wireless card for my new computer(Vista), so I had to switch the wireless card in my old one to the new computer.  Would anyone know any good Wireless cards for SuSe Linux? If you would provide me either an Amazon link or TigerDirect link it would be much appreciated.  ^^

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I always get these IP Addresses with Cain: brings up: I believe is my router, the rest is the users on the network, but if thats so, then I only have 3 users in total on this one network, what is the extra IP about? I used the ipconfig to check my Default gateway, which is 168.1.1 and then I used it to check my IPv4 address and it said , which isnt listed on Cain.

Besides that, I really need a wireless card for my other box, I would really appreciate if anyone could find one that supports SuSe Linux, and maybe is built in the kernel so its easier, if not can someone send me the driver for the wireless card. Thanks a lot.

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