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Who want's a decTOP?


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I've had my eye on the data evolution decTOP for a while (formerly the AMD PIC)


Cheap pc w/AMD Geode processor, 128 MB ram, 10 GB hd and a smattering of usb ports. All for $100, but the shipping sucks ($40 or $50). Right now they're having a 'buy 3 get one free' deal. All said and done it's something like $350 w/ship. Anyone want to go in? I'm pretty sure it would only cost $15-20 to reship them.

Sorry to be a shill, roast me if you want.

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If it had a second ethernet port I would buy one.

That was my thought as well make a great portable Fire wall.

Though if they would take 12 volts they may make good rouge access points to test your Wifi defences in your network or for pen testing. As they would be small enough to hide.

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