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3tunes - Pandora Timeshifting


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Dont know if anyone knows about it but I find This solution ALOT more user friendly than pandora. Using Winamp you can listen to ShoutCast radio stations and using a plugin can rip the music as you listen and store it to the drive you specify.

All it requires is:


and http://www.winamp.com

the difference is that Pandora is already storing the files as separate MP3s, so as a programmer its easier to copy those MP3s than to encode them from a stream and try to detect when one song ends and the next begins

Plus, Pandora radio stations can be more customizable than shoutcast radio, and/or some poeple might just prefer pandora over shoutcast. i know when a crappy song stats playing in pandora, i enjoy being able to skip it. i also enjoy the fact that when i starting listening to pandora, it is not in the middle of a song.

however, its good to have both options available. the piece of software you mentioned is also pretty slick.

as far as user friendlyness, its not that much more user friendly.. some of these pandora rippers are pretty easy to use.. this winamp plugin does require you to know how to use winamp, find a shoutcast that you like, install the plugin, and start using it.. with pandora you just type an artist you like, and launch one of the pandora ripping programs

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