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  1. http://digg.com/music/New_EASY_Pandora_Hac...o_DRM-Free_MP3s
  2. hey, irieb in my 3 - 5 emails a week, where people ask me for my pandora app, i've been referring them to this thread instead of giving them a link to my own app. i like what you've done that much :) (and i tell them to avoid 3tunes, tee hee)
  3. yes, i noticed you downloaded the album art.. thats pretty freaking sweet dude. next step is to attach it to the mp3 so when i put it on my iPod, i see the album art :) just trying to make your work harder for ya :)
  4. nice work, man. of all the different pandora apps available, i think this is shaping up to be one of the best. well at least its my favorite. and thats saying alot because i worked quite a bit on my version. but hey, i like yours a LOT
  5. Hey Cooper, aren't you going to critique my code too? or is it just that bad :P You're not gonna like the "while (true)" ahhaa. But like I said ,this was just a weekend project to see if i could do it. and hey it works pretty damn well.
  6. the difference is that Pandora is already storing the files as separate MP3s, so as a programmer its easier to copy those MP3s than to encode them from a stream and try to detect when one song ends and the next begins Plus, Pandora radio stations can be more customizable than shoutcast radio, and/or some poeple might just prefer pandora over shoutcast. i know when a crappy song stats playing in pandora, i enjoy being able to skip it. i also enjoy the fact that when i starting listening to pandora, it is not in the middle of a song. however, its good to have both options available. the piece of software you mentioned is also pretty slick. as far as user friendlyness, its not that much more user friendly.. some of these pandora rippers are pretty easy to use.. this winamp plugin does require you to know how to use winamp, find a shoutcast that you like, install the plugin, and start using it.. with pandora you just type an artist you like, and launch one of the pandora ripping programs
  7. ah well then i was mistaken. i though Win32 API was part of .NET. in that case, .NET is not a prerequisit of my software. sorry for the confusion
  8. to broaden your horizons, to gain experience, for educational purposes.
  9. i have a host now :) http://files.filefront.com/PandoraSploit_1...;/fileinfo.html
  10. thats right, it is. although its more of an exploit. refer to episode 8 i never said your software doesn't work. i said mine does. yes if you intended it for only your friends, thats the only people it needs to work for. but you obviously want more people to use it, judging by your website and digg post.. so its kind of a bad approach to take saying who cares if it doesn't work... thats actaully the entire point of the digg post, website, and software isnt it? to work? when i said mine works, i meant it doesn't break or mess up where yours does... for example, nothing showed up in my c: drive and i know other people on this forum had the same issue.. and pausing and skipping messes things up too :( 3 threes? i dont know what that means, but i joined the forum because i saw that people were talking about my software, and i wanted to clear up the confusion and give people the working version.. if you want the story of my program here it is: i wrote my program for a few friends just like you did, almost a year ago. then i commented on a really old digg story: >http://digg.com/music/Pandora_streaming_radio_(dugg_earlier)_caches_to_your_TEMP_folder_< and i sent it to Hak5.. if you go and watch episode 8, they demo my app... since then i've been getting about 3 emails aweek requesting my app, and i've been sending it out to people. unfortunately, old versions of my app ended up getting stuck being hosted.. and infact i've been sending out updates to people on my mailing list.. so actually my program has been out for a while, just not in the spotlight. i prefer that a program such at this is kept quiet, because putting it in the spotlight like this is the reason that companies are forced to put restrictive DRM on their music... :( . i think your program showed after my program broke and some people on this forum were confused because they didn't get the update that i sent out to everyone on my mailing list. .. which is why i joined this forum to clear up the confusion.. you're right its a bit rude and i appologize for that.. thats why i said i DIDN'T want to start a battle.. what i mean by "try" is that some features are still missing or broken, meaning you haven't actually finished it yet im guessing. you've clearly spent a lot of time making a pretty website, which i already told you looks really nice , so congratz on that.. i just value functional software over pretty websites. no, offering my code its not patronising.. its how open source projects work. people share ideas and critique eachother. constructional critisizm is a good thing. i know you don't like the open source idea but you could at least have a friend look at your code, it will help you as a programmer. i look forward to the next releases where you fix some of the issues you are planning. yes it requires JRE. the awsome part of java is that it runs on every operating system. i want to support the mac and linux users too! .Net comes pre-installed on most windows machines. infact, you said you were grabbing window handles and using C++. well, because of that, your software requres .NET too looking at this forum , i have seen at least two other implementations that do the same kind of time-shifting, and they are both open source offering their code. They've done some really awesome things that i like a lot. each one has its own interesting approach. but, i think its stupid to have 4 different versions going around when we could all share our ideas and have a really nice piece of software here, dont you agree? thats why i have donated my working code to the community. i wish i could talk to you in person or in voice because i dont like the way my ideas, concepts, and intentions come through in writing. this is why i avoid forums because fights break out over small things like inferring the wrong thing or taking something the wrong way. trust me i mean the best. lets keep this friendly. its NOT a coding battle.
  11. here, everyone, here's the original Pandora timeshifting software (Featured in episode 8 ) that TomB tried to copy by making 3Tunes... however, it has been improved and revamped.. it actually WORKS, and supports pausing, skipping, etc.. doesn't crash when things go wrong, actually WORKS, no annoying message box to find the title bar (its automated), and does ID3 tagging. see for yourself. source included. enjoy! the ORIGINAL: http://files.filefront.com/PandoraSploit_1...;/fileinfo.html P.S. TomB, i do NOT intend on starting a forum battle.. infact i really like what you've done with your site. it looks nice and slick, smooth, pretty, professional.. infact so does the concept of your next release. but you should focus more on your actual program.. get your program working better before you make the GUI and website pretty. take a look at my source if you want some ideas. remember, form follows function.
  12. If you think about it your not hacking pandora in any way. All your program does is basicly capture text from Firefox's title bar and rename files that are on your computer. You would think that if a file is located on your computer you would have the right to do what ever you wanted to do with said file. But i'm sure there was a EULA somewhere with very small text that when we accepted we forfeited all our rights and are liable and all that BS. Just my opinion.... you should read Pandora's Terms of Service... they mention that is infact a violtion.. look it over
  13. check it out folks, i finally have the original pandora-timeshifting app that started it all hosted. it is now called PandoraSploit, and it is now version 1.1 mind you, there's no pretty GUI, but it works pretty solid.. i've included the source so it is now officially in the open source community. i welcome you all to critique , change, add, etc on my code... have fun!!!! http://files.filefront.com/PandoraSploit_1...;/fileinfo.html
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