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webcam shutting down/freezing


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I am tryin to set up a 24/7 streaming webcam of my studio. But when i first install the webcam and get it running, it'll run for about half an hour. Then the picture will freeze. I would then have to unplug the cam then replug it in only to find when i try to start it up, the picture is frozzen. The kind of webcam im using is a Ezonics cam 4. Got it at walmart in a pac of 2 with 2 mics for only 10 dollers. It has wonderful quality so i would like to keep it. I am running windows xp pro on an amd athlon 900 mhz with an amazing 500 some mb of mem. :)

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Check the manufacturers site or google the model and see if anyone has had the same issues. Maybe someone else has the same problem and they found a fix or work around the problem.

Also, Is there a setting to allow the pc "power down" the devices under the device manager or device settings? Or maybe you need to update the drivers or windows. They both do the same thing or just one of the cameras?

If you can't get them working, I woud return them and ask for an exchange and see if the new ones do the same thing.

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