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how do i ...


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i didnt know who else to ask so i'll just ask here...

i know i'm gonna sound stupid..

well here goes..

everytime i right-click on a html file and clik edit, it opens with MS Word 07.. how do i change that to open with notepad?

and how do i remove stuff from the righ-click menu.. there are soo many applications integrated in my right-click menu its getting messy..

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Well, there are plenty of ways to do it. The easiest is to open internet explorer and go to the programs tab under internet options and select Notepad as the default.

As far as the right click menus(I guess your speaking of when right clicking on a file) these are shell commands that can be changed either in the registry or under folder options for files. Thes second method is for manually adding things, like opeing with other programs or somehting like the word Edit for an html file, you can choose the program to open it with, or remove the command alltogether.

Best case is go into the program itself and see if it has an options or setting to remove it from integration with windows shell. Winzip, winrar, winamp, etc, all have options within the programs to turn these features off, which will remove them from the right click menu. Not all programs will give this option, which will mean you will have to find the kkey in the registry to remove it, which I do not reccomend doing if your not familiar with messing with the registry. Always backup your system and registry in canse you screw somehting up BEFORE you make changes to it.

Hope that helps.

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