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n00b question about personal FTP


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ok i recently downloaded a free copy of Cerberus FTP Server so i can transfer/share files between my laptop and my desktop PC, it works fine, the setup was straightfoward, my ftp address is my internal ip with the ftp:// in the front of it. i could access the files smoothly, create users, restricts connections  and stuff.. but when i wanna share my ftp address with my friend, he couldnt connect to me.. he keeps getting "unable to connect", why is that? i really dont know much about stuff like this, could someone enlighten me?

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hmm ok, i'll google that..

wait.. i had some previous problems with port forarding ..

bare with me for a moment coz i'm hopeless with this kinda stuff...

how the HELL do u port foward???

i checked out portfowarding from google, i got some website which had instructions for

my ADSL2 but i dont know what to put in this :


i have NO idea what to put in those boxes --port range, trigger port..  :zombie: :zombie: :-?

This is my internet settings :


pleasee...... i feel sooo noobified....  :?: :?: :?: :oops


ok i checked out my ADSL2's manual but it didnt say anything about portfowarding..

i even asked my isp but they said "We'er very sorry to inform you that we cannot help you with that problem."....

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