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SYSTEM on Vista?


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Has anyone found a way to get SYSTEM privileges on Windows Vista? I know how to do it by ending and restarting explorer.exe with an "at" command on XP, but this doesn't work on Vista for some reason.  I was wondering if any of you knew a different method that works on Vista :)


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I think MS have cleaned up a bit here. It's no longer easy to run crap as system. I suggest you write your own service with some kind of interface so you can tell it to open stuff. Trouble is, if you open windows up, you won't necessarily see them becasue of the way Vista deals with desktops. It's almost like MS went "Right, Linux seems secure, how does X work? *copy paste*" excpt they force each user to stick to there own x session at all times.

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If you could list significant privileges that the SYSTEM account has that someone in the Administrators group doesn't have then I may be bothered to find an easy way to start SYSTEM processes in the current session for you. The only real difference is that SYSTEM is designed for drivers and not so much for user applications.

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