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Dual boot


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Right well for starters im new to all this, so if your just gunna flame me for a being a "noob" seriously dont everyone starts somewhere

Well i have a 32-bit windows vista ( does the 32 bit even matter. .  )

and i want to dual boot it so i can use linux without losing all my shiz

how do i go about this ?

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So all i do is download ubuntu and then what..?

Download the ISO, burn it, reboot your machine with it in the drive, wait, click the install icon on the desktop, follow the steps, use the built in partitioner that comes up when you're installing to resize the Windows partition, create a new partition in the newly acquired free space, continue install, follow prompts, restart, install apps and drivers, enjoy.

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Gparted always crapped out on resizing NTFS partitions so I use Acronis Disk Director Suite, which is much nicer. Not sure what your options are, being on vista, but if you have a bit of a google threw the ubuntu forums you should find people asking similar questions and getting very comprehensive answers.

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