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any guestimation on the chance i'll have trouble installing ?


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ok so i'm planning to buy a lapptop one of these days (before the end of the vacation)

and until now the one that catches my eye (and fits my budget) is the HP 530 -> http://surl.se/cujg

wich comes with vista (vomitsmiley011qh1.gif)

so i wish to put ubuntu ultimate or minty linux on it, now i was wondering judging from the specs , what is the risk i have to run into compatibily probs (unavailable, not working, etc drivers ...) or things that could rly go wrong ? :-?

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Your only trouble might be the wireless, find out exactly what the chipsets are for the intel and broadcom cards and google for issues with your distro's and those chips. I can't imagine it will be anything more that fwcutter though.

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