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nmap with PSP


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You can put Windows on a PSP (who would want to, come on, Windows). SO mabey you could get the wireless working.

yeh, but only if you run it in bochs so it would be SLOW as fuck. not rely worth it.

Nmap on the PSP and Cain and Able too ? Need help! :cry: :cry:

neither will work, you would have to compile them for the PSP, and that would not work because both apps use OS specific APIs.

I replied to your post about WiFi cracking on the PSP, look _the PSP is not a good network security tool_ I think the closest thing to a network security app on the PSP is a WiFi sniffer just displays WiFi APs, their signal strength  and weather or not they have a encryption  (which you can do with the PSP without 3 party apps anyway)

you might as well stoping trying to find these types of tools for the PSP, because I am pretty sure  there are none.

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