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Is it possible to crack a WEP/WPA on the PSP alone? Ive been trying this for ages, go into a area with wireless and want to play some SOCOM 2 but it ask me for a WEP code. Is their a program that you can run straight off you PSP to crack that code?

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maybe a possible air snort rewritten? feel free to shoot me down

i would be very suprised if someone is not already working on it or tools for the psp. . .

Definately a project worth taking up. . .  very tempting indeed

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put linux/ or win 95 on your psp....

@ natual_orange can't be done unless you install it in bochs, and it would be slow, unusable and wouldn't interact with the PSP's WiFi

Look, .n00berS, I already posted this in your other thread.  This can't be done. stop trying to turn your PSP into a security tool. because it can't be done well (or at all)

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