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Just to reassure you before getting to business, this thread is purely a hypothetical exercise, as I don't desire any information about anyone here. Y'all are a nice bunch of people, so I don't want to invade your privacy in any way.

Now, say you have a code that acts like an invisible stat counter, and collects information about people who visit the site this code is on, and stores this information at another address, recording IP addresses, where people live, how they got to the site, where they went from the site, etc. etc.

What, hypothetically, would happen if you posted this code on a forum which had HTML enabled? (this would be tricky here, as HTML seems to be constantly off, prehaps for this very reason)

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You don't even need HTML enabled to achive most of that stuff, just bbcode. Have the bbcode call a php script which returns an image but at the same time logs IP addresses. It's quite a bit harder to log how they got to the site, i'm not even sure if it's posible wiht out JavaScript (or even if it is posible with JavaScript). Every thing else is other wise posible.

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