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Help Please, Trying to install remotely  

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I have the Router log on information, the IP address of office computer and router, all are static IPs, i have been reading on how to access remotely with many programs, just to reach the remote computer and install an e-mail link for the remote computer.  can any one help me please, very new to this, i can give you all the info if anyone can do it for me, please reach me at audreyduey@yahoo. com its very important that i do this.  thanks to all in advance

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Whats the target OS? What exactly is it you want to install? Are you allowed to do this (because if your not, its going to be oh so much harder)?

If its windows xp pro, you can use mstsc when no one else is logged into the machine to access it via the network. Or you can use VNC, but the target computer will need to be logged in. If its for on the fly support I would use VNC, if its more out of hours work, RDP/msts. You can also do stuff with logging on via the CLI remotely and being decidedly old skool, but I'm not the person to help you with this.

If your not supposed to be doing this, care to give us a little more detail. Unless its something like creating spam zombies (for which I would advocate a policy of slow public death at the hands of hungry rodents), I doubt anyone here would have issues discussing a hypothetical.

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i am authorized to do it, i am trying to install logmeinIT remotely, i just need to access internet explorer on the office computer so i can click on the link, i have tried all sorts of programs but to no success, i am very new to this, (ssh, vnc, or anything else i am not too familiar with), yes it is windows xp pro, no spams nothing harmful, just logmein link thats all, the computer is always logged on and operational. isp is sbc yahoo dsl with a netopia router (static ips) please healp, it would be greatly appreciated if you can guide me step by step, again thanks to all in advance

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