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Hey, I'm new to Opera and I want to know what I should do to make the most of it. I am totally lost, and I figure some of you guys can help me.

What are you lost about. WHat do you want to do? Its a web browser but so much more and easily customizable.

Start with tools/preferences and go through the menus trying different things and see whats what. Don't worry about messing it up, you can always delet your changes to menus and toolbars and it will default back to the original. Easiest cay to change the toolbar is right click and select costomize and add things, or right click items and then remove them.

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What I am mainly wondering is can I use keywords? Example (firefox): Lifehacker Article.
Not sure, but you can drag a sites icon in the address bar to any toolbar and then have quick access to it from there.

Opera uses custom style sheets, so there is probably a way to script a bookmark into a right click menu or something.


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Just foudn out Opera can do this by default. Its called Nickname under bookmar properites for a site, and not Keyword.

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Is there anyway to import existing keywords to nicknames?
Well, I don't use FireFox, but I know it can import IE's favorites. You will probably have to enter them manually per bookmark, but search google to see if someone has written an app to do this for you.
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