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Google Calander and Ebay


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I discovered Google Calander the other day, and have already fell in love with it. Especially the SMS reminder a great idea plus its free. I also use ebay alot. Suddenly it came to me that wouldn't it be awesome if you press a button and the time the the auction ends is taken and added to Google Calander, I looked into it and found nothing that can do this. However i found the google released and API for the calander, and its possible for greesemoneky to take the end of auction price. The problem is ive never coded anything web related so it will be a bit of a challenge for me, I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could tell me if its possible and how hard it is to do, before i start to teach myself.


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Did I tell you how i invented gravity and at the same time discovered wight?

oh so you discovered Wight did you? are you sure you don't meant Weight ????

oh and W4RP3D, yes it probably is possible to do that, though i am not sure how, hope there's someone here that knows how as i'd be interested in the end result.

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