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Security Policy Question...


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My dad has a leased laptop from dell that company gives him to use.  Its leased by his employer and they do all the IT work on it and stuff.

The wierd thing was that when I got on it one time when he brought it home for the weekend, He Has FULL ADMIN RIGHTS on the laptop. 

Is that the normal thing to do??? 

He even has "run" command access.  He is even in the Administrators group on the computer.

Mabey some of you sys admins can tell me what your laptop security polices are...

And my dad really knows nothing at all about computer at all... he has difficulty figuring out which drive is the cd-drive on occasion...

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Even if its part of a domain at work, local administration access is no problem.

It should still have all the other security features on it to stop other people using it in a manner that was not intended, but as your Dad is a trusted employee of the company why shouldn't he have admin access on his laptop.

Its very hard to install programs that he may need or do many simple tasks on windows without being an admin, and his sysadmin at work is probably sane, or insane after the complaints when they didn't have administrative access.

The only time I would limit people to limited users on computers that I maintain is that if I don't trust them, examples would be school children or computers available for any member of the public to use.

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His admin rights are probably only for the local machine when he's at work he logs into the domain and has different privs for the domain.  Local admin isn't a big deal most corp user have that otherwise you have to get an admin to install anything. I don't want to have to install your firefox plug ins. :) lol

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I thought it was wierd because it parts of a corporate network. Although i wasn't connected to the domain.

But i though most user would be put in the "Power Users" group more than the admin group.

I understand giving them to run w/e programs and install w/e they want, but unrestricted access to everything on the computer just seems kinda wierd

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